Dance clubs in St. Louis?
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Dance clubs in St. Louis?

I was recently in NY and visited an awesome dance club in NY's meatpacking district called Cielo. Non-stop techno mixed by an amazing DJ, a diverse group of good-looking people (no teenagers), expensive drinks and lots of atmosphere. I had a great time.

Today's my birthday (turned 36!) and I want to go out and dance here in St. Louis this weekend. Where should I go? I hear clubs on Laclede's Landing (Xes, Club Buca) are mostly young college kids (21 and 22 years old).

Other clubs I've heard of: Dolce Bistro and Pepper Lounge. Any other suggestions or advice?
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i imagine anywhere on wash ave will be acceptable....
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Velvet and Tangerine are both long gone. Washington Ave seems to be driving out the dance clubs in favor of more quieter more loungey places.

Check out the Upstairs Lounge on Grand (kinda small), or Dante's on Olive near SLU (tends to bring in headliners, saw Digweed here a couple months ago).
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Velvet and Tangerine are closed. Viva is a salsa club. thinkingwoman is right though, Washington Ave downtown is a good place to look, but I'd recommend something like the Pepper Lounge. The guys that own that also own Nectar at 2001 Locust St, and Mandarin at 44 Maryland Plaza in the Central West End. Those 3 places have a slightly older crowd (25-35) and great atmosphere.

I'd recommend staying away from the Landing unless you like rap, frat boys, and being vomited on. I haven't been to Dolce, but it sounds great, and a good fit for you.

All of the places I've mentioned have websites with pictures, so you can check them out to a degree in advance.
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While I generally can't abide dance music, the places on the Landing are much more tolerable during the week than on the weekends--fewer college kids and a slightly more upscale (read: older) crowd. I'll second the Upstairs for atmosphere (my old neighborhood).
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Response by poster: Update - our experience clubbing tonight:

11:30 PM - Kyo on Washington - empty. 5 people in bar. Left.

11:45 PM - Pepper Lounge on Locust - empty. 2 people in bar. Left.

11:50 PM - Dante's on Olive - couldn't tell how crowded it was, refused to pay $20 cover to find out. Left.

12:00 PM - Atomic Cowboy - crowded and laid back. 10 people on dance floor. Had a drink, danced and left.

1:00 PM - Dante's - again, decided not to spend $20 to see if anything was happening inside.

1:10 PM - Kyo - again - people inside, but not really jumping.

Went home. I'm ready to move to NY.
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