I have a mystery CD burner; how do I tell what model it is? Also recommendations for free CD burner programs?
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I've just bought a CD-Burner from ebay. No maker's mark on it, so how can I tell what model it is? (lots of serial numbers all over it). Also, I need a good CD burning program. Can anyone recommend any free applications?

Ignore first part of that. I googled E118405 and it came up with Philips.
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Deepburner is pretty good - but unfortunately doesn't seem to have a 'normalise' function, should you have several audio files from different sources at different volumes.
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E-mail me if you want something that's not free.
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Assuming you're in Windows, CD Burner XP is a pretty decent program and is freeware.
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Use nero for your cd-burning. Others try to be as nice, but they're far from it. It's not free, but it's online as a demo.

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Nero has several interesting plug-ins as well.
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Nero is an excellent choice. Well worth the $$, not too much $$ either.
Or, there are other ways of obtaining it....mkelley....
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To ID the drive:

There's an awesome Windows hardware sniffer called the Belarc Advisor. Plug in your drive, boot up and run the Advisor.
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You can also use the FCC ID search the next time you have a mysterious electronic device in front of you.
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Anyone know of a free burning program with normalise enabled? The computer I recently bought has Nero pre-installed, but I can't get him to work; the "finalise disc" option is permamently greyed out, and when it claims to have burned a disc, it's just a coaster - neither the PC nor a home stereo will blast out the Velvet Underground/ Alma Cogan/ Doris Day mash-ups that I so wanted to hear...
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Maybe Burrrn should prove helpful. And you get Replaygain support with that, which is way better than normalisation (see here).
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For pleasantly minimalist, free burner software (just a GUI for a number of open-source tools, a bit slow for MP3 decoding in my configuration though), I use burnatonce.
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