I need a basic website template with paypal as checkout
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I need a basic website with paypal checkout. I'd like to use something like a template from template monster (haven't seen any from them that have paypal) with paypal integrated as the checkout. My main concerns are that it be easy to use, safe, and not a cheesy design. Does anyone know of a good option? thanks
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I'd recommend Shopify.com
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You can also check out the hosting companies' offerings. Most have some sort of basic (and some, not so basic) shopping cart that you can customize to taste. Bonus: They support it. If you have a problem, there's nothing like being able to call someone to walk you through it.
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None of the templates will be integrated with Paypal. They are (usually) simple templates that you customize.
Download your chosen template and then insert the code for the buy now/add to cart/checkout buttons separately.
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