South Beach eating and drinking?
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Anybody have good recomendations on eating and nightlife in South Beach? Primarily interested in ceviche, cuban food, seafood, lighter fare, not really interested in Italian or big heavy meals. We have a reservation at Talula, thinking about Ola and would like to know about some of the newer places. Price does not matter. Nightlife we like loungey chill places, maybe a club one night if its worth it, not interested in sports bars, etc. Any other tips appreciated. We will be in town from a Thursday to Sunday.
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Nikki Beach is a great place to lounge.
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Joe's Stone Crab has great seafood and is a classic South Beach experience.

Also, eating outdoors at the Van Dyke Cafe on Lincoln Road will allow for some great people watching and good food to boot.
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Best answer: hey buddy, I live in SoBe and its tons of fun with alot of great things to do.

here are some recommendations for restaurants (a lot of restaurants turn into lounges at night) so thats are always good things, i will try and break down the places to check out.

Restaurants/ later become lounges

Pearl/Nikki Beach (Nikki beach is all day Sunday party that is a ton of fun, its also on the beach)
The Forge
Prime 112 (pricey and super hard to get reservations, but you will see tons of stars)
Restaurant at Delano called Blue Door (awesome place to get drinks, looks right out of a movie)
Restaurant at Sagamore
Funkshion (gay night on Friday, 80s night on Saturday, great food)



Cool bars

Automatic Slims
Jazzid (live band every night, cover sometimes)

late night bars (where to go after a night out)

Purdy Lounge
Liquor Lounge

Hope this helps, PM me if you need any more info.
Have fun, this is a great place to let loose and get a bit wild.
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I ate the most over-priced, poorly-made, and snootily-served meal in my life at Joe's Stone Crab.
$250 for lunch for three. Crabs stale and drowned in mustardy glue. Waiters treated us like we were dogs.
And I am usually verrrry forgiving when it comes to these things.
I think it is closed for the season by now anyway.
Avoid. Like. Da. Plague.
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I second The Van Dyke for people watching, though the food is just so-so. For breakfast, I don't think you can beat The Front Porch for both atmosphere and absolute yumminess.
For authentic Cuban food, leave the beach and head to Little Havana. My favorite place and the one that I still wake up at night dreaming about, is Versailles on 8th Street and Douglas Road.
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Response by poster: thanks everyone...
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A Fish Called Avalon is, apparently, utterly fabulous. The Shore Club (which is very loungey; chill out by the pool) is full of Beautiful People(tm) if that's your thing, and bottle service (outside) is 'only' $180 per bottle of champagne.

Mynt is the hottest nightclub in the district. Hard to get into, and expensive as fuck, but apparently you'll be astonished at who you'll see there.

I have a few other resto recommendations, but I'd need to check my notes at work. Email in profile if you'd like.
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