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Is there a budget dry cleaner in the South Bay? When I lived in Washington, DC there was a dry clean depot (which later became Zips) which would dry clean any item for $1.50. Since moving to the South Bay (Sunnyvale -San Jose area), I've not found anything similar and my dry cleaning bill is wrecking my budget! Anyone know of a $1.50 or $2.00 per item dry cleaner?
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Best answer: There's an "any item for $X" over on Mary (and Washington) in Sunnyvale next to a Starbucks. I'm not sure of the name or what X is these days, but they do a passable job.. cash only upfront, of course.
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Ugh, I hope you get a good answer to this. The "budget" dry cleaner I went to once in Palo Alto made me wonder what prices were like at a non-budget place. I took what I figured would for sure be enough cash and ended up having to bust out the Visa.
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I think there is one in Cupertino at the corner of Stevens Creek and DeAnza, in the strip mall with the Starbucks. Never used it, though.
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Actually, I've had the exact same issue since I moved from LA. I live in San Mateo if anyone knows of one near here!
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I hope someone can offer a good place near San Mateo, too. The one I go to is good, but VERY pricey. I have a pile of stuff but can't bring myself to fork over the 40 bucks just to have it cleaned.
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I seem to recall there being a place called "2.50 cleaners" at Saratoga and Stevens Creek. I don't know if every item is $2.50, and I don't know the quality of their work, and I can't seem to find any info on the internet.
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