What can I make?
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Is there a website that lets you input the contents of your cupboard and fridge, then shows you recipies you can make with what you have?

Because if there isn't, someone feel free to make it for me.
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Best answer: Not exactly what you're asking for but close: Allrecipes.com ingredient search. Only allows you to enter four ingredients, not the entire contents of your kitchen.
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What do you have? Give us a list!
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Response by poster: hokai.

potatoes, onions, cheese, milk, rice, butter, celery salt, soy sauce, curry powder, ramen, coke.
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Doesn't snacksby.com do this pretty much?
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Best answer:
Here's some that I found and have used:
Meal Time
Ingredient Search
Cooking by Numbers (my favourite)

Also.. if you don't have a certain ingredient, use the Cooking Thesaurus to find a substitute.
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Response by poster: that allrecipies site is pretty much it! my soon to be cheesey potato filled stomach thanks you. if anyone has any other ideas, go for it - I plan to eat tomorrow as well.
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Asked previously.
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make sauce with onions, cheese, milk, butter, celery salt, soy sauce and curry powder, serve on potatoes, ramen noodles or rice, coke on the side = meal.
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Response by poster: grow fat, turn to oil, profit, afford to eat out.
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The Intelliscanner Mini, which you can find at thinkgeek can do roughly the reverse of what you described. You scan any items you have in your pantry and then upload them to your computer. It helps you inventory what you've got on hand. Then, you can choose a recipe, and it tells you if you have everything you need or not, and what else you need to buy to make it.
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At cookingbynumbers.com I got this result based on the contents of my cupboards & fridge:

So you only have coffee? Well make a cup, ponder on life and why you have no food in the house.
You are missing an essential ingredient : Coffee.
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Wow. That Google Base is awesome. There's your answer(s)!
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webtender does this for drinks
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I like epicurious. I think it comes close to "open source" cooking because people comment on the recipes and offer their own modifications. You can also save recipes that you like.
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cookingbynumbers is perfect for your needs,
give the ingredients you have and gives you recipes instead of the other way around.

also shows recipes where if you had one more ingredient, what other dishes you could make
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Potatoes + (milk + butter melted together) = mashed potatoes

(Rice + onions + butter + curry powder sauteed together) + water = curried rice pilaf
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Hey! thanks l3luer, that base.google.com is awesome (and now in my bookmarks).
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Mince a bit of onion and sauté it in butter. Add (to pot w/onions) peeled & chopped potaotes and water to cover; simmer until potatoes are cooked. Purée or just smush. Add milk and cheese. Should be a pretty decent soup.

You could also slice the onion and fry it in the butter until it's good and brown and crispy; makes a good topping on rice, ramen, whatever.

Also: Pommes Anna
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Cooking with Google:

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Best answer: Snacksby! Via Projects.
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