Where to buy movie memorabilia?
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Where can I find interesting things involved in the making of famous movies for sale?

A friend wants to get something nice for her husband for their anniversary. Since they're huge movie buffs and have made their first foray into independent film making together, she'd like to get him something interesting from behind the scenes of one of his favorite movies, like maybe a storyboard from a movie, or some other type of identifiable piece of the movie making process. Are there good places to go shopping for stuff like that? Ebay seems to be kind of a bust, especially because she'd be looking for stuff from not especially recent movies (Empire of the Sun, for example, or Clockwork Orange). While we're not looking for the most expensive things imaginable, we're also not looking for cheap mass produced crap like nationally published copies of screenplays. Any help in terms of where one might look online to find such things would be greatly appreciated.
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Props for Today is a place that rents set stuff for movies and TV on 34th St in Manhattan. It's a huge operation. They used to have a re-sell shop with stuff they no longer wanted, and often they would tag the pieces for sale with info about what they had been featured in. The shop closed to the general public a couple of years ago, but there is a sign on the door that says by appointment only. So maybe you could give them a call and see what they have? Maybe a longshot, though.
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