Why does this one zit keep coming back?
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I get a zit in the same exact pore over and over. Why? Why that one pore? How can I get it to stop? It's gross.

I have this one specific pore on my nose that periodically produces a gross pus-zit. Most unattractive. It's that kind that's all head and no body, just a gross whitish bubble. Give it three or four weeks and it's back. (I'm trying to figure out whether it coincides with anything, such as high stress).

Why is this one mutant pore always going zombie on me? Other zits seem to appear in random locations at random times, and not all that frequently now that I'm older, but I'm telling you, this is the exact same pore every time. Can I do anything about it? I want to cauterize the son of a bitch or something. What can I do?
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I read your question out loud (over breakfast, dubious decision on my part), and my gf said you might hold your cell phone in such a way that the pore is frequently being blocked. Do you have any repetitive behaviors like that?
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Try carrying one of those tea tree oil spot stick type deals. Like this one. In the past I had issues with the area around where I would hold my cellphone (like the previous comment) and once I started cleaning my cellphone somewhat regularly and used tea tree oil a couple times a day, I had no issues.
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As mentioned above, repetitive irritation can cause zits to recur in the same location; could it be glasses? If so, a different style that rests in a different location could help. Do you do anything else to rub that area repeatedly?
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Maybe the pore is larger. Maybe it's in a place where it can be easily filled with oil and debris. If it's at the tip or side, gravity is working against you. The oil is running down the slope. Oil combined with dead skin cells and dirt is collecting in this spot. And if the pore is larger, all the more space for yucky stuff to collect. The pore may be disfigured or scarred because it's repeatedly developing a zit.

Prevention is the answer. Your aim should be to mimic normal skin. I find that a thin coat of an acne treatment applied daily keeps my skin mostly clear. If I miss one day, it's zits all over again. I am loving Neutrogena Rapid Clear Acne Defense Lotion. The salicylic acid gently exfoliates, and keeps pores clean. I apply it every morning and night. It absorbs well and isn't drying. I will always sing the praises of PanOxyl soap. Just about every drugstore carries it, look on the bottom shelf.
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My guess is that there is a tail/core, you just aren't getting it out. It takes 2-3 weeks to get enough goop for you to pop it out, then the cycle starts over again. If you went in for a facial, they could probably get it all out - they will steam your pores, etc. so they are really open. Make the appt for approx. 1-2 weeks after you get the goop out, so it isn't super inflammed and doesn't have a lot of build-up of new goop.
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Try carrying one of those tea tree oil spot stick type deals.

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Maybe not quite the answer you were looking for, but may I recommend that you see an acupuncturist (or other energy practitioner)? If a pimple persistently appears in the same exact spot, it is generally an indicator of some sort of energy block. No, really.
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