Feudalism, Capitalism,...X-ism
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Help me coin a new word for…

I’m writing a book about online mass collaboration (Match.com, eBay, Craigslist, Flickr, MySpace, Wikipedia, MathSciNet, etc.). I need a catchy name that describes the thing itself and the behaviors characteristic of it. I want it to be an “–ism,” like “feudalism” or “capitalism.” Ideally, the term would bring to mind some essential trait of online mass collaboration, like the fact that it happens at a distance (is mediated). Here are some neologisms I’ve come up with: mediism, virtualism, wikiism, interism [from the Latin for “between”], apostism [from the Greek for “distance”], proculism [from the Latin for “at a distance.”]

Vote or suggest something. No “Web 2.0” or derivatives please. Thanks.
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Hiveism, hivism?
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Don't coin a pseudo-latin/greek phrase. Those days are over.
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e-mergent is pretty sweet...
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I do like humblepigion's collaborism
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I kind of like humblepigion's collaborism, too.

What about kathedism, from the greek for all(or everyone) here?
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You may be having trouble because there's already a word for it: communism. The only difference from traditional communism is that the community lacks a center in meatspace. The center exists, just in bitspace. Think "from each according to his ability, to each according to his need".
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And not a one in the firefox spellcheck dictionary, so that's a good sign, I guess.
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MetaFilter: Bitspace Communism
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Communitism - like Communism, but different!
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I got nothing.
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Still nothing.
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Or "Jism" for short.
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Response by poster: I'm thinking about writing another book just so I can use some of Dizzy's great new terms...
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I thought it was just online collectivism? Info-collectivism?
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I like dotcommunism, but it's probably a little too cute. Truth be told, wiki-ism is probably best, because it's the only one that seems right and immediately brings to mind its meaning.
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The phrase that I think of when I think of the stuff mentioned here is "participatory culture," althoug that's not an ism, and doesn't fit precisely with the intended meaning. Although it's mostly used in reference to the online world, it doesn't explicitly reference that, and I'm not sure that stuff like match.com or ebay amount to participatory culture, though flickr and wikipedia do.

Communism and collectivism don't quite work to my mind, even apart from the baggage those words have acquired. "Online communalism" might work.

Disintermediation is used sometimes to describe the way the network allows individuals direct access to one another, without going through gatekeepers like television/newspapers/retailers, and that's an element of this, but not all of it.
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It's not communism, but communalism. Disintermediation allows it to flourish.

Match.com is collaborative?
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A quick few:

discorporatism (you know, because it puts power in the hands of the people and because we're disembodied out on the web)
mutualism (which already is a word, but you could whack an e- on the front, I suppose)
e-volution (stick an -ism on the end if you must, I guess)
elaborism (break off the e- for bonus points, labore = work from latin, hints at 'collaboration' from same root, and also to 'elaborate' or explain, not euphonius, though)

I could do this all day -- I love making up words -- but I gotta run for now.
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Choose anything that starts with an e and a hyphen and you will live to (r)e-gret it.
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Synergism and mutualism already exist.

Unanimi-ism? :P

Cooperatism, harmonism.

Conglomerism, combinism.

OK, space..

Speckleism or stippleism (would have liked to use strew, but it sounds terrible). Commodism :P

Diffusism, diffusionism, scatterism.

Aha! Dispersivism, or dispersalism..
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