How to work through the internet with mobile phone?
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I'd like to work through the internet. At the moment I access the internet through a mobile phone (Sony Ericsson W850i). I have a laptop but the phone can't be used as a modem so I have to access the internet using the phone's internal software. Are there any jobs I could do with this type of internet access?

I can wordprocess files with the laptop and then transfer them to the mobile phone so they can be uploaded to the internet. But I can't use real time programs like Messenger or Habbo Hotel.

Are there any jobs I could do with this type of internet access?

I saw a thread on a similar topic before but I can't seem to find it now (something to do with a person who had applied for disability benefit and was currently working with a charity that deals with Palestine). Could you please also tell me where that thread is?

Thanks in anticipation.
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technically theres not reason why the phone cant be used as a modem ? or financially ? ive certainly used that model as a modem for full internet access.
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I think the issue is less likely to be 'what kind of connectivity do you have' than 'what kind of skills do you have'.

The only unskilled internet-based work I know of is Mechanical Turk, but that's not exactly a living wage.

Plenty of people make a living on the net as programmers, designers, writers, etc., whether through freelancing or telecommuting. If that's what you have in mind, then the answer is "become a programmer, designer, or writer. Then find freelance work." If you're thinking more "Make $$$ from home in your spare time... on the Internets!" then the answer is "no".
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Response by poster: The reason I don't use the phone as a modem is because I don't have the right type of contract (financial).

Could you please tell me how I could go about becoming a freelance programmer through the internet?
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