Lost Entourage Calendar Entries.
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Lost Entourage 2004 Calendar Entries?

I was adding entries to my Entourage calendar this weekend and when my system went into sleep mode and after I came back I am missing 3 months of calendar entries! Does anyone know how this could happen? I do sync with iCal.

From now on I will be backing up the iCal db as that seems easier at this point.
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Best answer: I thought you were talking about the TV show or shows.

Did your Mac go to sleep without warning? Dialog box saying to switch to power immediately, [aka die] or did it warn you first and then gracefully fell asleep?

What could have happened it your Entourage DB became corrupted and "lost" these entries. I only use Entourage to connect to an Exchange server so I don't know it too well, but if you start Entourage by holding down the Option key you'll be able to rebuild the database. It be able to fix it. Or make it worse.

If you stick with Entourage after this, the database lives in your Documents folder so make backups. You also may need to be rebuilt from time to time even if you don't see problems since it gets pretty bloated.
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I thought you were talking about the TV show or shows.

Me too! Thought I was gonna get in a discussion about LOST.
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