"My computer" is gone. I want it back.
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"My Computer" icon is gone. (more inside)

I just deleted the "My computer" shortcut and icon on the desktop of my WinXP machine. It's not on the trash bin (I choose to automatically delete instead and I'm now biting my fingers for choosing it)

"My computer" is still there it's just the desktop shortcut that's missing.

Of course I can try the "create a new shortcut" route but it looks like the only thing windows does not want me to create a new shortcut to is the "my computer" folder.

So, should I wave it bye bye forever or is there a way toput that Icon and shortcut back on my desktop ?
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Try this: open your Start Menu, and find the My Computer icon there. Drag it from the Start Menu to your Desktop and you should have the icon back.
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Response by poster: I can answer it myself !

Start -> My computer -> right-click -> display on desktop
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Right click on your desktop, select properties.
That should bring up your Display Properties.
Click on the Desktop tab near the top.
Click on the Customize Desktop button.
Under Desktop Icons checkmark My Computer and hit Ok.
If it’s already check marked, uncheck it click ok, click on Customize Desktop again and now check mark My Computer.
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Oops, should have previewed.
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If any of this fails, just get PowerToys XP and use Tweak UI to restore the icon.
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As an aside to all these answers, once I found out that windowskey+e opens an explorer window, I never needed the 'my computer' icon again.
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Dude, you deleted your computer. Now you gotta buy a new one. Someone get Dell on the phone!
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