need a bocce schedule
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I need help establishing a bocce schedule for 31 teams to play 3 days a week on two courts in 3 time slots (9:30 am; 10:30 am & 11:30 am. James Nuti
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Do you have any parameters?
Is this like a tournament or like a league?
Do you want every team to play once a week?
Do you want every team to play every other team? Once? More than once?
What about the odd team?

It strikes me that the pairings are the problem. Once you get the pairings, you just drop them one-by-one into your time slots.

There are round-robin and single- or double-elimination pairings on the internets, but more info is needed.
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It is an informal league. Would like each team to play once a week against every other team at least once. The odd team will play against a blind score.
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This page gives round robin pairings for any number of players. (If you put in an odd number, such as 31, it gives you pairings for one more - just treat team 32 as the blind score.)

As MtDewd says, once you have the set of pairings, you can just drop them arbitrarily into the slots you have, if there's no further restriction on which team plays when or anything like that.
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