Software to auto-change default printer based on what's connected?
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I'm looking for a freeware/cheapware utility to automatically change my default printer based on what's attached (I'm using a laptop).


-When I'm at work I would like it to default to my (networked) work printer
-When I'm at home I would like it to print to my USB attached printer.
-When I'm not attached to a printer I would like it to print to my PDF creator
-When I have my photo printer connected I would like it to automatically print to that

I'd like it to do this without my having to change anything manually each time. I've seen lots of programs that allow you to change printers in one-click from the task tray, etc. but this still requires me to REMEMBER (I invariably forget and get print errors).

I read about a program called Printer Dashboard that allows you to put your default printers in priority order, so that it can choose intelligently. But apparently this program doesn't work in XP (also, it appears to be bloated with a lot of features I don't need). Any ideas?

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Check your vendor. Thinkpads come with "Access Connections" which does exactly this and more including proxy settings for your browser. Other models probably have similar bundles software.

If you want to pay money, check Netswitcher.
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