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Does anyone know of any online resoucres for up to the minute new york city police reports? [more inside too]

specifically, I was riding the V train home this evening and there was a 'police incident' at the 23rd/Ely stop so trains weren't stopping at that station. Since this is by my home I had to get off at the next station and walk back, where I came upon tons of cops and cop cars, firetrucks and other 'official' looking vehicles. Of course no one would tell me what was going on and now( about two hours later) they just all have gone away.
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there's this from the post, but it's not up-to-the-minute, or complete. I like for breaking news, but didn't see anything on their site about it...maybe it was a terror drill?
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I'd be interested in finding this sort of thing for other major US cities as well. It would be interesting to see a just-the-facts summary of what's happened where in a given day, without having to resort to (gag) local news or sitting by a police scanner all day.
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I would be very, very surprised if such a resource existed. The information would have to come straight out of the police department's systems, and the technical effort required to get all the data compiled and published out to the Web is considerable. Moreover, there's nothing in it for the police to invest the effort to practice this level of transparency.
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There are two services that I use to keep informed about major police and fire activity: Incident Page Network and National Incident Notification Network

You can specify the types of activity and the counties that you're interested in. The information can be sent to your pager, cell phone and/or email.
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Response by poster: thanks. the Incident Notification networks seem pretty good, maybe not a ton of detail(especially regarding things that don't turn out bad). At least the particular thing I'm looking for is not listed. Maybe there are more reports if you register?

good links, nonetheless.

I am now trying to contact to see if they have any info regarding such things specific to nyc subway.
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