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NYC Film & Theater Makers' filter: please suggest online resources for finding out what's going on in NYC!

I'm looking for secret resources for all the good stuff happening in NYC in the film, indie film, tv production, theatre, and improv/comedy circuit.

Seeking resources that are applicable to any of the following sub-groups: actors, comedians, writers, directors, and producers, all genders and all ethnic groups.

I already know about the Shooting People NY mailing list- I'm looking for more stuff like that. Newsletters, open casting bulletins, calls for submissions, mailing lists, audition calls, classes, networking events, etc. etc.

Thanks in advance!
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Best answer: Backstage has a section on casting calls and job opportunities, that includes the nyc area.
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Best answer: One free email list you want to be on is LIFILM. Also use their directory and include yourself in it if you like. is also important.

Don't forget to search ask.mefi with your own keywords, especially the combination of "film" and "nyc."
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Best answer: For theater, especially, off-off, indie, and non-commercial theater, is a comprehensive resource.

Also check out Gothamist's Events category. They cover theater, film, music, and comedy.

Of course, Time Out New York.

Seconding Backstage.
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Best answer: Mayor's Office of Film, Theatre, and Broadcasting: Reel Jobs (formerly known as The List). Provides good insight into upcoming shoots.

Village Voice: Arts and The Calendar (which can be drilled down to your liking).
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Response by poster: this is great. thanks, hive!
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