SUNY Maritime Ghost Ships?
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Ghost Ships exist, and they're in Throgg's Neck!

Anybody know what this ghost-ship-like image is on google maps? It appears to be half in the pier at SUNY Maritime under the Throgg's Neck Bridge. Is this just an artifact from the imaging process or is it some ethereal ship come to prey on the young sailors there?

If it is an imaging artifact, have you seen it happen anywhere else on GMaps or Google Earth?
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I have no expertise in the area but I would have to assume that there were two overlapping source images and that google tried to blend the overlap together.
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You see the same thing on either side of the bridge, with the water and the shadows: They merged data of the water with (more detailed?) data of the land features. The dock sort of fell on the border of the merger, hence ghost ships.
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looks like an artifact. I would not be surprised if the smaller boat is a packet boat for carrying heating oil and the larger one is a similar cargo vessel. Notice that to the left of the two large boats is the watermark of another 'ghost' but that ship is visible as-is a few inches to the left of that mark.
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There used to be a ship there (and about that size too) for training at the maritime school. It was docked there for years.

Maybe it is a double exposure of the same area. Possibly the first picture wasn't good enough but the ship was moved before the second was taken.

Just a guess though.
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If you scroll south, you'll see a ghost on-ramp to the Throgs Neck Bridge, aieee! Are those really ghosts rollerblading by Croceron Park?
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Google Sightseeing has a Weirdness category. If this isn't already there, I'd submit it.
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"Strange Map Quirks" found within Google Earth. via
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The big one is definitely SUNY Maritime's school ship, the Empire State. I have no idea about the ghosting though.
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I run a maritime website and am an SUNY Maritime grad. I'll post this on our site to see what the alumni make of it.

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