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Where can I find 15mm or other matching papercraft miniatures?

I found this site which has 15mm hover tanks, and it gave me the idea of getting an opposing army and with the help of warhammer rules, use them to make a wargame.
I've had trouble finding anything else on google to use as opposing army...
Does anyone have ideas of where I could find other small papercraft models to make an opposing army?
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i'm not too sure about mini themselves, but world works has some amazing scenery/environment paper minis. they do mostly fantasy and sci fi stuff, but they have a solid selection of "modern" stuff as well.
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There are lots of 25mm papercraft models. You could always copy them at 60%.
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Would Cardboard Heroes help?
(Looks like they're mostly out of print, but you could probably find these somewhere)
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Sparks and Greywolf offer a range of minitures as TrueType font files - Which means your favorite word processing program can crank out as many as you like, in any size you like.
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