Help identify a title of a European film without dialogue about a dance hall in France.
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Help identify a title of a European film about a dance hall in France before, during and past the second world war, with no dialogue. The translated title (In Eastern Europe) was "The Ball." I can't identify it on IMDB.

The film starts with the characters arriving to the dancehall and then dancing and interacting with each other. The plot takes place in the dance hall with the same characters, and the times and decorations change to reflect the periods.

The film had a fascinating, timess quality of dance as relationship and relationships as dance. Because of the lack of dialogue, the mood of another French (but animated) movie reminds me of it -- "Triplets of Bellville".

"The Ball" was not animated and was a coproduction of France and (I think) Germany, Britain and Italy.

Thank you!
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Best answer: Here you go.
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Response by poster: Any idea of where to find it? Netflix and Blockbuster don't carry it. I live in Los Angeles.
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