Photos in a web 2.0 world?
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Looking for online photo hosting software that combines the good parts of flickr and facebook hosting, of course there is...

I've just returned home after getting married, and I'd like to put the wedding photos online. There are lots. At first I thought I would just buy a membership to flickr but there's one feature I'd really like in addition to what flickr has. On facebook photo hosting you can click on a person's face and it will put a box around it. You can then tag that person's face with a name and when you roll over the tag the box will show back up. I'd like to be able to do this as well.

I'm looking for software that I can either run on my debian based server that will let me host photos, tag them but also allow me to tag people or some inexpensive (on par with flickr) hosting that allows this. I have no idea how to search for software that does this. Gallery looked like it doesn't do what I want, but I'm not exactly what search terms I should be using here.
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Best answer: flickr has this feature. on a photo's page there is a row of icons/buttons just above the picture. one is "add note". click on this and a square is created over the pic that you can move around, resize, and put in text. great for pointing our faces and other details. you can do this multiple times on the same pic.

people viewing the pic will see your note squares when they mouse over the image, and clicking on a square will display its note.

and once you've uploaded your photos, it's easy as pie to make awesome (and inexpensive!) moo cards out of them.
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Riya lets you do this, I believe. It'll also recognize faces and start marking them automatically.
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The feature in facebook is a little more convenient as it's integrated with your friends lists on facebook, and also because it easily allows you to find photos of any particular person. Riya might be more handy for this...
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Try out smugmug. It has a host of web 2.0 features and is relatively inexpensive. You can try it out free too. I signed up for as a power user and like it. It has gallery templates etc etc etc
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Oh -- here is an example of a wedding gallery I recently shot on smugmug.
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Flickr's photo feature doesn't neatly do what Facebook's does, but the technique mentioned above can do what you're asking if you combine it with adding tags to the photos. That combination of the note and tags would let people discover the photos based on who's in them, like you do on Facebook.
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