Foam "Bean Bags"
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When I was on Dallas on business last month, I saw these, which seem to a be a pile of memory-foam like substance, wrapped in cloth. Though it was comfortable, it seemed a bit pricey for what it was. Anyone seen anything similar, or know where I could find that foam that's inside to make my own?
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Check out Love Sac... apparently a competitor.
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The pattern of the cloth bag is the exact same as a baseball, and some stores such as Fred Meyer sell the foam bits separately.
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This has prompted me to go check out the LoveSac store near me... it turns out that they have a LoveSac on the Real World San Diego. I actually noticed the thing and thought "hmm, that thing looks comfortable" but never really looked into it. Both are expensive though - I'm going to see how big the smaller (read: cheaper) ones are.
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