Tell me about memory-foam mattresses.
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Those memory-foam mattress things. Tempurpedic and the knock offs you can find in other shops. I've noticed some cost as low as $400, scroll down to the bottom (beware, it's an awful site) with the Tempurpedic running about $1800 for a fullsize. There are other knockoffs (one by Sealy i think) but I can't find a link. And what's with the latex beds? Consumers! REPORT! thanks. I have a friend whose life was changed by these things. I worry it's a fad, like the waterbed but I've heard good things. I have two questions. 1) go Tempurpedic or try something else? 2) for those with one, what is sex like on them?
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I don't have a mattress, but when my mother raved about the tempurpedic pillow, I bought one. It felt interesting to the touch and I thought it would be comfortable, but I ended up hating it, sleeping on it for an entire night. I felt like my head was totally surrounded by the pillow, as opposed to resting on top of it. So for the pillows at least it comes down to personal preference.
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Here's an Anandtech Hot Deals Forum thread which I consider the ultimate resource on viscoelastic memory foam. Apparently, they've had an ongoing discussion on the topic for the past 20-odd months. It should answer any and all questions.
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I imagine it'd be a small (not critical) detriment to sex, because it's bad for mobility. If you're standing on it and plant your foot for example, an impression forms and moves all your weight toward that foot. It almost aggressively discourages movement.
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I slept on one of those a few times and hated it. The guy who had the bed said it had changed his life and that the first few times you sleep on it are difficult. They're a weird combination of firm and mushy; it's not really soft, but it does seem to have a sagging-in-the-center problem. I've seen thinner, mattress-top versions which might help with that.

As far as the sex went, it wasn't much different than on a regular bed.
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do you have some kind of medical problem or can't sleep or something?

i have the cheapest (double) bed i could find (99.000 pesos, about 100 pounds and no idea how many dollars 180?) in the flat and it's great. has springs inside, i think. no problems getting to sleep, don't ache when i get up, sex is, well, normally bouncy, and for the rest of the time i'm using it i'm not aware of it.

at home we have a futon thing (bed, not sofa) that's also comfy, although getting a bit old. they feel different, but i sleep equally well. sex is less bouncy on the futon.

i'm not trying to be stupid or rude here - i just don't understand why you want an expensive bed (about 10 times what i paid for the one in the flat, for mattress alone) (i'm presuming it's not because your friend has one!) and your question also asks for alternatives. (sorry, maybe this is completely inappropriate, i don't understand quite a few threads here where people ask for advice about buying expensive things for no reason, so this is perhaps better for meta, but, then, it does answer the question...)
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I have a memory foam topper over a fairly firm expensive mattress and I really love it. I haven't found a better sleep at dozens of high priced hotels. I don't know if the full memory foam mattress is any more comfy than just a memory foam top layer over your mattress.

I think you can get the mattress tops for like $100 at Costco, give it a whirl.
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I have a tempurpedic mattress and a tempurpedic pillow. I wouldn't say they've changed my life, but they've certainly made my nights more comfortable. You have to change your sleeping habits to adapt to it, sleeping on your stomach can be very uncomfortable because the bed sort of swallows you and it's difficult to position yourself to breathe.

My ex-gf hated it. She said it made her hot and she claimed to have never had one good night's sleep in it.

I bought it because it fit better in my platform bed--very low profile and doesn't require a box-spring.
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Response by poster: Andrew - it's a valid point to ask, no insult taken.

Back pain, anxiety/muscle stiffness, and bad dreams. There's two things i'd go into debt on: A good stereo and good sleeping, both add up to quality of sanity, not status symbols, in my opinion. The memory foam stuff is supported by medical insurance, btw - depending on your coverage and reasons needed. It could just be waving a charge, but you might also be able to get one for a medical deductible, if it can prove more beneficial than actual higher cost stuff. And that makes it less expensive than a normal mattress.

thanks for all the tips! (and the forum link) Matt's idea for a topper is a good'un.

Please more information on the sex-having!
It's gotta be odd to be shelled in like that (or to en-shell someone else) Is it?
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Another topper to try out is a feather mattress. My folks rave about theirs.
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why you want an expensive bed (about 10 times what i paid for the one in the flat
My bed is the most expensive piece of furniture in the house. It's also used the most.
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ok, thanks. hope you find something your back likes. if firm support is any help, you might try a futon, but they need replacing more often than matresses imho (and i agree with you totally on the stereo ;o)

thomcatspike - i think the world is a little more complicated than that.
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BIIIIIG vote in favour of the Tempur matress here.

I got it on a 60 day approval which helped the decision-making process & it's feels like it'll last for 20 years.

Hate sleeping on anything else now. I used to use futons but they always needed whacking to spread the cotton layers back out evenly.
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We got a memory-foam king-sized mattress topper for around $50 at either Bed Bath & Beyond or Linens and Things (I consider the two stores to be identical anyway). Its great, and a heck of a lot cheaper than the full $2K for a Tempurpedic mattress.
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