Can XP use over 4GB RAM?
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I'm building a new PC running WinXP. Someone tells me XP won't see or use anything over 4GB of RAM. True or false?
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Best answer: Why not ask Microsoft?
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Best answer: True. Generally, you won't get more than about 3. XP can only handle 4gb of physical address space, and PCI and video card addressing generally take anywhere from .5 to 1 gig away.

Server2K3 can handle more than 4 gigs, and is largely compatible, but you have to manually turn on video and sound hardware acceleration, and it's very expensive.

XP64, if you can get drivers, will just work, but the drivers can be a problem.
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As the first link demonstrates, regular 32 bit XP can use up to 64GB of memory with PAE. But now that the 64 bit version of XP is out, that is a much better route, because PAE is kind of a hack and has its own issues.
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Oops, I misread. Normal XP doesn't support PAE.
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Response by poster: I've observed others go through the XP-64bit driver nightmare, so I'm afraid to go that route.

So 4GB it is! Bummer.

Thanks all!
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