Oh, and in a sexy voice too?
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I want to listen to my custom news/etc. in the morning. Who has a way of turning their RSS text feeds into mp3s? Feeds->RSS Text->Spoken Mp3->PDA/phone/iTunes, as automated as possible?

I'm almost sure I saw a little side article about this in a Mac magazine a few months ago, but it is now lost to me.
There has got to be a way to do this - in fact, a bunch of ways - who's got the best?
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Do you need something for the Mac or for the PC?
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The folks over at hak5.org did something like that in S01E03 and created a couple of scripts that create a wave file from your favorite rss feeds.
YouTube - Hak.5 Episode #3
It becomes interesting at about 7:00 in the movie.
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I once did some freelance work for Feed2podcast, which seems to be close to what you're seeking.
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Oh, sorry JDHarper and all: I'll take a good solution for Mac, PC or Ubuntu Linux. (In that order - my main machine is a Mac, so a Tiger solution would be preferred.)
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This doesn't cover everyone else but I especially like the International Herald Tribune's audionews feature. It basically lets you build your own podcast of all their articles. In a voice that reasonably sounds like a human.
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