How to play old school mac hypercards
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How can I run 1996 mac hypercards with sound on a PC or modern OS?

I want to run this just intonation ear trainer. It's a 1996 mac hypercard program, and I have a PC with windows and Ubuntu.. Is there anything out there that can play it? Revolution can run hypercards, but is not compatible with 'externals' so I'm guessing the sound might not work??

I've actually tried it in classic mode on mac osx and the sound didn't work properly.
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I use Basilisk on Windows with Mac OS 8, and it runs everything pretty much flawlessly. You will need to find ROMs, with the difficulty of that dependent on your ethics.
posted by Luddite at 3:44 AM on April 26, 2007

Try SuperCard under OS X.
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Response by poster: Thanks. I'm sure one of those will work.
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