IMAX movies limited to 2 hours?
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Are IMAX movies still limited to 120 minutes / two hours?

This has been said on Metafilter here, here, and here. I ask because Spiderman 3 is being released and Fandango claims a 140 minute runtime for the IMAX version. Does anyone have any reliable, verifiable information on this?
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I'd hazard a guess and say yes. Though, I'd go to the forums here for a fuller answer.
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Best answer: Wikipedia says "Current IMAX platters allow a run length of up to 150 minutes."
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I saw both matrix sequels on IMAX and they both have running times of more than 120 minutes.
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I saw Fellowship Of the Rings on IMAX and that's 178 minutes.
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I saw 300 on IMAX and it was pretty intense.
And I'm pretty sure over two hours.
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IMDB says it was 117 minutes, so scratch that.
However, it was still a pretty awesome experience.
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I'm a former IMAX projectionist and film projectionist since 1982.

It all depends on the system the theatre is running and the size of the platters allowed on the QTRU.

Any 2D presentation can be extended indefinitely provided it is running on a system built for 3D and can alternate projectors.

Most shows are 'built' to accomodate the audio and theatre cues for 1-2 hours, but if you have larger platters, or more platter space available, anything is possible. It's just a matter of being able to shuffle things around while housing up to 3 other shows or more.
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