Is Laura Bush a smoker or what?
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Does Laura Bush really smoke cigarettes? Did she ever? Did she quit then start again? Evidence please. I need to win, or at least start, a bar argument.
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National Review:
Laura occasionally sneaks a cigarette with friends. In 1994 and 1995, she totally quit a lifelong smoking habit. When asked by the media, she would honestly say that it was "difficult" to quit. But after 1995, Laura went back to bumming cigarettes from friends, though never in front of George or her staff. At the White House, she might step outside on the Truman Balcony to take a few puffs. At the ranch, she might occasionally light up on the porch.

"She is a stress smoker," said her friend Anne Stewart. "She still bums a cigarette."

"If she is sitting around with some friends and they are smoking, she may smoke," longtime Bush friend Dr. Charles Younger, an orthopedic surgeon, said. "She wouldn't tell you she never does it, but it's not an image she would like to promote as a healthy habit from the First Lady who is supposed to be perfect."
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Washington Post:
Once, as family members geared up for the day's athletic contests during one of her first visits to the Bush vacation retreat in Kennebunkport, Maine, one of the matriarchs inquired of Laura, "And what do you do?"

"I read, I smoke, and I admire," Laura responded, according to Barbara Bush's recollection.
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Here is a handy "internet web search" to help you in your quest.
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huh. this question made me crave a cigarette.

go figure.
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I knew she was a smoker or at least a former smoker by the characteristic wrinkling around her mouth. It's a dead giveaway, and I remember Googling to see if I was right about it. I was. I felt smug. Then I had a cigarette of my own, and as I lit up, all my smugness vanished, and only a dull sense of shame remained.

But yes, she used to be a smoker, for sure.
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Thanks to everyone except cmonkey
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Does anyone have a recent picture of Mrs. Bush lighting up? I have only been able to find obviously doctored ones.
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