Programs that provide money to women escaping domestic violence?
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Are you aware of any programes that provide money to women to assist them in escaping abusive relationships?

There is a pilot project in some areas of Canada that provides money (aka a "flee fund") to aboriginal women in remote communities who are the victims of domestic abuse. The rationale is that these communities are so small and isolated that the women can only leave their partner with monetary assistance from the fund (for example, some communities are accessible only by air).

I am wondering if similar programs exist in other parts of the world (for women in general, not necessarily aboriginal). I am aware of the many programmes that offer community shelter and transitional housing, but I am more interested in "flee funds" particularly.
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I guess the short answer for Philadelphia is yes, but with a caveat. From the Women Against Abuse programs description:

Emergency relocation funds (as available)

I don't have any experience with referring a client for this particular service so I can't speak to the frequency of funds availability but I have made referrals for a range of other services from this agency and can say without qualification that they are absolutely top flight.
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In my experience in the US this is something sometimes provided by private domestic abuse agencies, not by the govt.
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My wife works for a domestic abuse agency. I just sent her this link and this is what she replied via chat (I'm copying straight from the chat program, so my apologies for capitalization and formatting):

basically, there is financial assistance to victims of violent crimes who report to the police and cooperate wtih prosecution from each states crime victims compensation fund.

this can reimburse them for expenses related to the crime, like medical expenses, relocation expenses, lost property.
each state has their own policies about what it covers and how it's distributed.

there is limited assistance from programs around the country called Traveler's Aid. They usually help with transportation through bus, and occasionally, flights.
they don't help with housing/shelter.

and they are only available in select cities, for people who are leaving that particular city.

other than that, there's not much.
DV (domestic violence) programs are strapped.

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PS: That's for the United States by the way. Not sure what other countries have set up, but if she has more info I'll post back.
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I just called and asked my mom, who volunteers at The Spring in Tampa, and her response was basically "we do what we can."
As in, when there is money for this sort of thing, they will help someone with relocation costs.
However, The Spring, at least, as an alternative, does offer a 'Safe House' program. This, as far as I know (which is very little, and The Spring tries to keep it that way), is a nondescript house somewhere in the greater Hillsborough County area (naturally, only a handful of people know where exactly it is) that serves as a safe place for women in high-danger situations. It, without having to spend the money to send someone to a new city, removes them completely from their former life.
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In the Southeast US (maybe more widespread?), there's Safe Harbor. They also have Goodwill type stores; I give 'em all my clothes that I don't need anymore.
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