Extracting my music from an iPod
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I recently had a hard drive problem and lost about 20 gigs of Mp3's. While I could rerip all my cd's, the music is all on my windows ipod. Does anyone know how I can pull the music from the ipod to my windows (or linux) box?
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It's doable with a little messing with the settings in Windows Explorer.
posted by jessamyn at 6:15 PM on March 28, 2004

Ephpod can do this, and it'll write out the files with the metadata where possible.

I didn't want to have to rip all my music ever again so I've got all my music as lossless Flac. I even threw away all my cds. I have the flac mirrored on 2 harddrives (different brands), and then I do an export to mp3. The conversion to mp3 takes 2 days so I leave it going over the weekend.
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No help to you, but for those on OS X who have this problem, there's Podworks.
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Wow holloway, that's brave even if it is a lossless format. When I had a PC ephpod rocked btw and I even had to run it on WINE under linux.
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Sorry. meant to include a link to Ephpod
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Yeah, some find it strange but then I haven't lost anything because I've got the music and cover art is available online.
posted by holloway at 10:43 PM on March 28, 2004

podutil works well for windows
posted by batboy at 5:08 AM on March 29, 2004

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