Any tools to manage status for multiple messaging clients?
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Are there any Windows utilities that manage the status information for multiple IM clients? Skype, MSN, Yahoo...

I have used many IM clients over the years, including Trilliam, Miranda, as well as the "default" ones from MSN, Yahoo, etc... Because of the need for "advanced" features, I end up relying more on the standard clients rather than the cross-platform (Trillian, GAIM, Miranda, ...) ones.

Is anyone aware of a tool (Windows preferred, Java is OK) that will manage JUST the status information on multiple clients? I'd like something that I can select my status (online, away, busy, ...) and have that use each client's API to set the client status transparently.

Any ideas?
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At the risk of sounding like a giant ad, this is actually the reason I started to use Twitter. I simply set all my statuses (MSN, Jabber, Yahoo!, Facebook, etc.) to my Twitter address and update my Twitter accordingly. It's just an added bonus that it will send a text/IM to anyone crazy enough to add me as their Twitter friend.
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aranyx: how did you "set your statuses to twitter"? Are you just using the URL for your page? Your RSS? some other method I'm not thinking of?

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