What drinks go with seafood paella?
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What alcoholic drinks go with seafood paella?

My friend and I are going to be making paella tonight, to be accompanied by sangria. What other alcoholic beverages would be good with seafood (scallops and shrimp) paella? Wine, hard liquor, beer? Thanks in advance!
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Mojitos! They're a palate cleanser, so they are refreshing without overwhelming the (rather heavy) paella.
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Any dry white wine. I'd go for a Sauvignon given the choice.
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White wine, something aromatic like a Gewürztraminer or a Viognier, would be the way I would go.
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A white or red rioja wine from Spain would be a logical pairing. Sherry (not the cheap cooking kind!) can also work.
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A nicely chilled glass of a good dry sherry would work well. Or any refreshing white wine or beer.
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I would feel comfortable serving either a light, bright beer or a spicy white wine. Paella is a really complex dish, with a lot of flavor layers, so I'd stick with something pretty simple on the drink front. I prefer spicy/peppery for dishes like that, but that might be a personal preference.

But either way: light, bright, not a lot of complexity is how I'd go.
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Seconding the suggestion of a Spanish white.
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Vinho Verde would be a good match -- simple, light, bright. A couple of this year's new ones just came in at my awesome local wine store -- check in with your favorite wine folks and ask them if they've got anything good.

Also, a dry-ish bubbly would be great. You can probably pick up a nice bottle of Spanish bubbly in the $12-15 range if you try (again, ask your favorite wine clerk). Lately, I've been really loving the Juve & Camps Reserva Cinta Púrpura Brut, and the thought of that with paella is just making me melt.

Hmmm. Gotta go buy some scallops and shrimp now.
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A decent Pinot Gris would work too, although it may be too light depending on how spicy the dish is. Can't go wrong sticking with the wines of the region where the dish orginated, though, as mentioned above.
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Seconding vinho verde; that's my favorite accompaniment for seafood n' rice.
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My mum is Spanish and when we're with the family we always drink white with paella or, if it's a hot day, 'Tinto de Verano' which is a red wine mixed with gaseosa. I'm not sure if anyone knows what gaseosa is outside of Spain, and it's really what kids drink, but it's really pretty refreshing on a summer's day.
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pilsner urquell
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Nothing goes with a paella like a dry fino sherry, like Tio Pepe. It'll have a bit more to it than a vinho verde, which is very light on the tongue, so it'll keep up with the paella a bit better.

(Note that this is nothing like the thick, syrupy cream sherries like Harvey's Bristol Cream you might have had in the past. Fino sherry is a pale, yeasty white dinner wine.)
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Vinho verde would be nice.

I'll also second "Tinto de Verano." Gaseosa, I assume, is a carbonated beverage. You can just add some nice sparkling water (seltzer or club soda are fine) and freshly-squeezed lemon juice.

If you want to take it a step further and approximate sangria, add a splash of triple sec (or other, similar liqueur), brandy (optional), some simple syrup to taste, and some fruit (maraschino cherries, more squeezed citrus sections).

In the end, though, a lot of what's been mentioned will pair nicely.
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A fortified wine, like the sherries mentioned above, or a good port.

Also, a pisco sour might be nice.
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Hmmm, actually, I assume you've already prepared the sangria. Tinto de Verano may be redundant, then. Go with a dry sherry and white and/or red Rioja.
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Yeah, I was going to say Tinto de Verano may be too similar to Sangria to serve side-by-side. But both are heavenly!

My recommendation for a Spanish white is albariño. Spanish whites are some of my favorite wines in the world, and albariño is arguably my favorite wine variety period. I like Pazo San Mauro if you can find it.

And beer would be great! Spanish beer turned me on to beer. Unfortunately I've never seen Mahou or Damm here in the US, but I'm sure you could get your hands on some San Miguel.
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if you want the full 'paella in chiringuito' experience, you could also try some sour beer watered down about 60/40 with 'gaseosa' or with just a little bit of any lemon carbonated drink. i recommend the first, tho. refreshing and not too sweet.

beer + gaseosa is known as 'clara' here.
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Tinto de verano!

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For balance, why not add a sangría blanca?
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Having lived in Andalucia for 2 years, there is only ONE answer to your question: MANZANILLA (from San Lucar de Barrameda.)
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