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Parents will be in San Diego for an awards ceremony, and we can't make it. So, what can we deliver that's SD-related to their hotel?

So my parents will be in San Diego in May for my dad to receive a professional award and fellowship. Sadly, it looks like neither my family or my sister's will be able to make it. I'm asking any San Diego residents for ideas on what to send them, or get delivered to their hotel room, as a way to say "congratulations" and hope you have a good time this week. And I'm trying to steer away from a bland flower arrangement with card for something more local and unique.

Some parent details: they aren't stick in the muds, as they enjoy a night on the town. They love to try new and upscale restaurants and food, and are OK with a sophisticated bar scene. Dad likes the occasional cigar (do they still have a maker in Gas Lamp?). Mom loves to shop and be on her own during the day, if dad will be in meetings.
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Dad likes the occasional cigar (do they still have a maker in Gas Lamp?)

There's at least two. Anyway, previous answers to a similar question here. You're basically looking at avocados and fish tacos.
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Crap. I totally misinterpreted that question and for whatever reason assumed your parents couldn't make it to SD. tacos are the signature dish here and that might still work, but they can just go to the grocery store and get an avocado if they want one.

So. Your mom might want to head to Horton Plaza, which is right downtown in the Gaslamp District, but there's a lot of shopping in the Gaslamp in general, as well as a lot of nightlife, but you could hardly call anything in that area "authentically local". On the other hand, we're primarily a city of transplants, so there's not much that's really authentic to begin with. The really good shopping is up in La Jolla--kind of our not-so-fancy version of Rodeo drive, but still fairly fancy, mixed in with some touristyness.
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Best answer: You could get them something from Chuao chocolates which is a San Diego chocolatier.
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They absolutely must go eat dinner at The Prado in Balboa Park!

If you call the restaurant, there is some unique blown-glasswork from a local artist (I think?) that could make a nice - but maybe expensive - gift delivered to their hotel room.
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Isn't Peet's coffee from SD?

You should send your mom to Coronado for the day, it's supposed to be one sweet island.
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You should send your mom to Coronado for the day, it's supposed to be one sweet island.

It's a rich neighborhood with a giant military airbase. Whoopee!

Staying at the Hotel Del Coronado, or even just eating there would be quite a treat though. And there's some nice shopping areas and a great beach, but it's really nothing all that special, and it's connected to the mainland, so it's not really an island either.
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Fish tacos from Rubio's or carne asada burritos from Roberto's. For me... THAT'S San Diego. Period. (I'm hungry now.)

Peet's is not from San Diego. The Pannikin is a local coffee house chain. They have locations across town.

Make them some dinner reservations in La Jolla at George's at the Cove (website has loud music, turn down your speakers) or my personal favorite Brockton Villa.

Brunch at Hotel Del is really nice. They'd like that too I'm sure. It's a fancy place tho, to relax I prefer Brockton Villa like I said. I used to take my mom & godmother there all the time just to stare at the ocean and watch people.
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The Prado is part of The Cohn Restaurant Group, and every one of their restaurants is fantastic. Their entrees are works of art. I'm especially partial to Indigo Grill in Little Italy (which is darling) and Kemo Sabe in Hillcrest.
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Best answer: 2nd Chuao chocolates. I've recommended them on MeFi family is cultish about them. Also, my family recently went to Fresh and we were so impressed that my dad called them 2 months in advance for a reservation the next time he comes down. They had an escargot special appetizer that was pretty awe-inspiring. It's not an iconic restaurant like Prado or George's, but I thought the food was at least as good.
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Day Spa for two at La Costa.
Pamper them!
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