Online Source For Tomato & Tomatillo Plants?
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Does anyone have a reputable online source for tomato and tomatillo plants?

We prepared our garden beds last weekend, and are in the process of filling them with vegetable plants. Unfortunately, heirloom tomato and tomatillo plants are not to be found anywhere near us.
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I was going to say Burpee because the plants I got from them last year arrived in excellent shape, but, it looks like everything is sold out. Territorial Seeds' website says they have heirloom plants available, but I was disappointed when I ordered from them one year -- I don't know that it was so much their fault as the fact that the plants had to be shipped across the country, instead of, in the case of Burpee, across the state.

Have you ever started seeds? You probably have a very long season, so, it probably isn't too late. I am starting seeds this year, including Tomatillos, from Tomato Growers Supply -- maybe that's an option for you. It's really pretty easy and fun. Good luck.
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I think Territorial is fabulous-we live closer to them, though, so no problems.
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Yeah, I was going to say Territorial, too. Maybe call them, see what they advise regarding shipping that distance? They might know some local (to you) folks.
Another place you could ask is the You Grow Girl forums. There are folks there from all over.
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Try Cook's Garden, Seed Savers' Exchange, or Seeds of Change. I've had good experiences with them -- though they do tend to sell out fast.

Next year, you might want to consider trying your hand at growing from seeds. Tomatoes and tomatillos are really easy, and you can get a much better selection of seeds than plants. I really like these seed places: Johnny's Seeds, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, or Pine Tree Garden.
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If you get your order in by May 1, Territorial Seed tomato live plants will arrive in the last half of May. Otherwise it's a bit late in the game. They do guarantee that the plants will arrive at your address in perfect condition.
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