Hotel for 4 during Comic Con 2007
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Comic Con International (San Diego) lodging? 2 adults, 2 kids under 10.

So, we did not make a reservation under convention rates on time this year, and now all the closest hotels are pretty expensive, around $330-$450 per night, or are no longer available for the nights we'll be there.

In my searches I came across the possibility of renting a condo in the area, something I have no experience in. Is this a good alternative to a hotel? We'll be driving up on Tuesday, July 25 and leaving Monday the 30th. We'll pay for a hotel if we have to, but I was just wondering if there was a better alternative?
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Best answer: Don't limit yourself to "hotels in the area" of the convention center, which generally tend towards the pricey side to begin with; plus there's really only a few that are *really* close to the convention center. I'd recommend staying anywhere on a trolley line, where you can just ride the trolley in to the stop directly across the street. Basically, you're then looking at any place in Mission Valley or Old Town, where there's craploads of hotels of all budget ranges. Or, even out in the college area or something. Also, taking the trolley to the convention center will most likely be far, far easier than trying to park a car.
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Best answer: Try here. Some have minimum night stay requirements, but many don't. I've used it occasionally in random cities and it has worked well.
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From Tricks of the Trade - Hotel Manager:

Always ask for a business discount. You may not have a business, but you work for one--and even if you don't, how would I know? The worst that will happen is someone will say no.

Most motel and hotels have corporate discounts. Nobody tries very hard to find out how legitimate people's business claims are, and most of us secretly don't care.

In fact, when buying any product or service, try asking for a discount. You've got nothing to lose, and you'll be surprised by how often it works.
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I will second the trolley suggestion. The trolley is clean, fast, safe and cheap. It debouches practically at the Convention Center's doorstep. There's no better way in or out of the area.
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Yay trolley!

However, if you want to experience San Diego beyond the convention, in which case it might be worth it to get something closer to the ocean than Mission Valley, Hotel Circle or Old Town. Maybe rent a condo for a week in Mission Beach, Pacific Beach, La Jolla or Ocean Beach. I think they run about $1000-1500 a week, but I am not so sure. The drive to the convention will be about 20 minutes, but I'd rather sleep near the ocean than in touristville anytime. And you can find parking downtown. Try Horton Plaza.

And when you say driving up, does that mean you live in Chula Vista, or Mexico?
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Response by poster: Well, the condos were booked for this year, but I think I'll try and get in early next year, if we can't book a hotel at convention rates. We ended up booking a hotel through the San Diego Visitors Bureau- we found a hotel about a mile away, and they had better rates than Expedia, Travelocity, etc.

Getting something near the trolley was a great suggestion, but not for con purposes- we'll be bogged down with packages, and leaving late at least one of the nights. If we do go for a non comic/toy/niftystuffs purchasing related trip, I'll definitely do that.

And we're driving from southern AZ- anything in California is up to me.
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and leaving late at least one of the nights

That really shouldn't be a hinderance. I ride the trolley late night from downtown all the time after concerts. Most people on the trolley late at night on weekends are people going to or coming from the nightclubs downtown. During ComiCon, I'm sure the thing absolutely packed with conventioneers.

Carrying your purchases would be another issue.
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I have no idea how saturated the hotels are for the event -- probably heavily -- but for what it's worth, you can get some great deals in San Diego if you learn how to use Priceline bidding strategies. I stayed in a $375/night room at the Downtown Omni for $90/night a few weeks ago. Other recent scores.
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