Where should we host a bridal shower in Seattle?
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Where should we host a bridal shower in Seattle? We're looking for a cool private room in a restaurant, or a neat suite in a hotel, or a cool patio - it's the weekend of August 4th so all of the boats are booked for SeaFair.

There will be about 30 guests. We'd like somewhere with a sit-down lunch, or a really nice buffet -- but not in a huge restaurant. If there was a view or a nice outdoor portion, all the better. Price is less important than finding the right venue at this point, so all suggestions are very welcome. I saw some ideas here, but nothing seemed quite right. The Hi-Life and Library Bistro both look good though -- any experience with those?
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I highly recommend the Hunt Club at the Sorrento Hotel on First Hill. It's a touch on the stuffy side, but it's pretty well appointed, and the helpful, cheerful staff more than offset any stodginess. I had terrific experiences there in coordinating and attending a couple of different private affairs.
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the waterfront has a beautiful patio
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and ponti's in fremont has a great outdoor deck too. i went to a great reherasal dinner there last may for about 50 - they did a great job.
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Well, I don't know if catered (rather than a restaurant) is an option, but we had our wedding at Eleven Eleven on Lake Union -- Russell Dean Lowell (formerly Lowell-Hunt, but Hunt went away) is the caterer, the staff is great, the food was delicious, and the room is gorgeous, overlooking the lake facing west, so you can watch the sun set over the boats and the lake and the hills ... it was a great location. It is likely too expensive for just 30 people during peak season, but just in case, I thought I'd mention it.
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(The mister says I should say that Ivar's on Northlake Way is also worth mentioning. Same view from a different angle. Likely much cheaper.)
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I would also suggest Place Pigalle. The owners are terrifically friendly, and the upstairs bar has a gorgeous view of Elliott Bay and Puget Sound at sunset.
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Der, sorry, I meant Maximilien in the Market. Pigalle (if it's still there), is a bit too small for private functions.
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