What's this P1 in my eyeglass prescription?
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I am the newest member of the eyeglass-wearing community (or I will be when they get here in 5-7 days) and I have a question about my prescription.

Thanks to this Wikipedia article I can read my prescription, except for one detail. Here's my prescription, and the part I don't understand is bolded:

OD p1 -.50 x 115
OS +.25 -.75 x 040

I'm not sure that it is a P1 or PL - which is it and what does it mean? As I understand it from the Wiki article, that is the spherical for my right eye (though my prescription doesn't have that nice chart the one in the article does.)
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Best answer: From the article you linked:
When no correction is needed, the spherical power will sometimes be written as "0.00" and sometimes as "Plano" or "Pl" because the lens, although not flat, is optically equivalent to a flat piece of glass.
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Best answer: three types of eye correction

for short sightedness,

for long sightedness,

and for astigmatism, the spherical stuff.

I'm guessing you got a combination prescription which includes correction for a minor astigmatism [the wiki article doesn't mention this word at all]
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Best answer: Infini, astigmatism is corrected by the cylindrical correction (the second number in each row), not the spherical correction.

As cerebus19 noted, the mark in question is a PL and stands for "plano," a shorthand way of indicating that the spherical for that eye is zero. This just means that your right eye doesn't need any magnification, only a slight directional blur adjustment for astigmatism.
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Response by poster: D'oh. I should have read the article more thoroughly. Thanks.
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thank you zadermatermorts, I was going by pure guesswork based my own prescriptions and how they've changed to accomodate the changes of increasing astigmatism in addition to myopia over the past 32 years.
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