FRS/GMRS radio in Europe?
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Can I bring my FRS/GMRS GPS radio to Europe?

I'm hoping to bring my Garmin: Rino 520 GPS radio with me to Ireland and England for my three week trip. I know the FRS/GMRS radio part is not legal in Europe, and I plan on having the radio turned off. I only want to use the GPS functionality.

But I'm basically bringing in an unlicensed and technically illegal radio. Right? What is the chance this will get confiscated, or I'll be arrested and fined?

Any suggestions or advice about this?
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At least in the UK, unlicensed radios are only illegal to use - not own.
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IANAL, but I agree with Mwongozi that it's most likely okay as long as you don't transmit. And it's 'mostly' a GPS, if you will, so it probably won't even be noticed.
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