what's the toy/device in Fracture?
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What's the name of the device / toy created by Hopkins' character in the movie Fracture? And more importantly, where can I buy one?
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The Rube Goldberg things? They're credited to a Dutch artist named Mark Bischoff.
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(if that helps...)
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I remember them being called Marble Runs. I love those things. Googling 'marble run' pulls up a bunch of kids toys but I bet with some searching around you could find some fancy brass/metal/glass ones.
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Best answer: There is the Spacewarp 5000 that's pretty cool. Not as glam as the brass ones but you can add onto it and change it around. I totally want one of these now.
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Response by poster: dog food sugar -- yeah, not as glamorous, but definitely affordable. I guess there are a bunch of sets available.
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