My phone wants to play with the other phones on the Internet!
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How do I get my storied, adventuresome k750i on the internet and sending drunk pix of my elbow to the world?

I have a Sony Ericsson k750i. I bought it from Carphone Warehouse as a t-mobile phone, went to the local unlocker and had it unlocked (but not debranded) and popped in my Vodafone card. Vodafone will let me text, top up and call, but no MMSing and no Web and no Email.

I'm on Vodafone Pay as you Talk, in the UK.

I've called Vodafone for settings (they say they'll send me an Install-o-Text for the settings, never has worked; I've gone to the Sony Ericsson website for Install-o-text, have gotten the texts but no internet. I've gone to Esato and many other websites, and have not yet found the particular perfect bits of set-up for me.

What is it I need to do? Do I need to debrand the phone? Do I need to debrand and rebrand to Vodafone? If debranding is called for, can I do it using the existing data cable? Is there a set of configurations somewhere that actually works for us PAYT customers?

note; in the hour or so before i unlocked it and put my vodafone card in, it did go to websites using the browser. No clue what the settings were..

I assume it's GPRS I want, and I want POPmail or a sync with an email account, and web-surfing and the ability to send MMS and email pictures to my flickr account.

thank you!!
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Well, here's some instructions for setting up gmail on that phone, but i don't think it will work considering you can't get onto the web with it. If you check out those forums, you may find more info, though they're somewhat US centric. The rebranding sounds like a good bet since those data areas may be related to the internet settings. As for changing the branding and such with your data cable, the same forum has tons of resources to fiddle with your phone.
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Do you have the correct profile set up for Vodaphone?

I'm not familiar with the phone, but my Samsung D500 comes with several "setups" hidden deep in the settings, that I had to change for things like SMS, MMS, etc. I had Orange, O2, Vodaphone, etc. I just had to select the correct network for each setting, and then get the settings sent from my provider.
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Also, this post has some juicy bookmarks.
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You need this. If if you pay per SMS, you might have to eat a few, as it sends the settings over SMS. Note that there are different MMS settings for prepaid and postpaid.
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wierdo is correct. but before you do that, go into settings -> connectivity -> and data communications and make sure you have an empty slot open available for the sms settings to get dropped into. In other words, you may have to delete one of the existing t-mo profiles.

Once you get the sms, you'll need to go back to that settings -> connectivity -> internet settings and then select the account you just received.

The "home page" on the internet browser will still want to go to T-mo's homepage which it can't reach with from vodafone's network. But if you to in an enter a url manually like google or something it should work. Unless t-mo was being an ass about it, you should be able to change the homepage in the browser's settings.
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The ericsson account wizard doesn't give you the IP address, DNS address, etc... that's the problem.
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I think Vodafone has to give you those.
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