How can I have a couch made?
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I have a design for a couch or a bench. Where and how, preferably in or around NYC, can I go about having it manufactured in small or large quantities?
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What material is it made of? How is it constructed?
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How large is it? I tried getting a self-designed piece of furniture built about 5 years ago, and was completely scared-off by the prices. They were absolutely crazy. For some perspective (or at least, a single data point), I designed a media stand / shelf unit. Pretty simple design. No fanciness (no walnut, no French polish, none of that). The average price I was quoted was about $1500. I eventually just built it myself out of pure frustration and disgust (for about $100).
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I have a pal who does custom and spec work in Queens.
He builds furniture and theatrical sets.
Very reasonable.
E-mail me (info in my profile) if you'd like me to put you in touch with him.
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Response by poster: I am totally comfortable with it being a high price, if that is the fair price, I am interested in producing these and selling them. Where did you call?
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