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TechnoFilter: My friend once gave me a mix-tape made in the late 80s or early 90s that included this song. It samples Margaret Thatcher talking about "monopoly money", "modern warfare", etc. She doesn't remember who the song is by or what it's called, but was kind enough to record an MP3, which I doubt anyone will care about me posting:

Other lyric snippets include:

I am such a marvelous person that I [...] know much better how to spend your money, therefore I must take it from you, I must take it from you, I must take it from you.

I am am a marvelous concept
I am a marvelous concept
a concept (or used to be)
a concept (or used to be)
Society is a concept (or used to be)


These all sound like they are cut from individual words of phrases, of course.
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Response by poster: I guess I should have posted a warning that the MP3 is ~7MB.
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Did your friend ever know who did the track? (Read: Would throwing out some names possibly jog memory?)

Stylistically, it makes me think of early-ish Greater Than One(in particular, though they had craploads of side-projects which differed in sound to varying degree). They would've been around at the time, did a fair amount of this cut and paste trickery with vocal samples, and got started in London, which might not mean all that much except I can't think of m/any US acts that might've felt like messing with Thatcher.

Unfortunately, though, I don't specifically recognize the track. I've got a pile of their stuff, but it's been a while since I listened to any.
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I'm not familiar with the song, although I listened to your uploaded track, but I do know there's a song called Maggie's Last Party by an artist called VIM that fits the description. It's on this compilation.

I know that the KLF did stuff like that as well (cutting up speeches, to a point where it was so uncanny I think there was a minor political furore), but I don't think it was musical.
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Actually, just tracked down the VIM one and it's a different one - Maggie talking about having an acid party. Quite amusing though. That'll learn me to do my research first before posting...
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I remember this, and it's driving me nuts trying to remember the artist.

I thought it might be an old On-U Sound record. Although I might be thinking of a Barmy Army track with samples of Thatcher and Reagan. It's definitely from that era though.

Then I thought maybe it's Colourbox, but it appears not.

I've emailed a few fellow music nerds. Hopefully someone will remember it.
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It really reminds me of something on Wax Trax from the late 80s - particularly the group Greater Than One. They were British, had songs much like that featuring spoken clips over funky techno beats. I have the London album; I'll dig it out this afternoon and see if it's on there.
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Is it possible this is tackhead? It sounds kind of like them, and I know they used thatcher samples. It is somewhat similar in concept to their song "hard left" (cf), though not the same (and much better produced).
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Well, sadly it's not on the London album, but I'm still with Su in guessing that it is Greater Than One. Just can't prove it.
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it's a cool track. here's a reference I dug up. perhaps this is it?
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Response by poster: Thanks for your answers, all! I forgot about this question until now, and will be checking out all of your suggestions -- especially yours, kuppa!
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Response by poster: kuppajava: I am still trying to find this track, but based on the description at Discogs, it sounds like the one. Thank you!

I have tried searching for it before (about 2-3 years now ;), but that comment was not up on Discogs previously.
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re : Kuppajava's suggestion :

From the description of the track - 808 State "Cubik" style rave - I think they sampled the original track that we're searching for, as opposed to this being the original source. The music on the original track is certainly of an earlier vintage.
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Response by poster: I found kuppajava's suggestion on a P2P network, and am waiting for the user to log on...
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Response by poster: Sadly, Megabyte is not it. :( Thank you all for your suggestions!
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