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Is there a stopwatch that will play an alarm every X minutes until I tell it to stop?

With all the watches with alarms I have found, you press a button to start the alarm, then after the time is up, you have to restart it again. I want one where I can have it go off every minute, without having to press something every minute, until I press the stop button.

Anyone know of a watch or something that will do this? It needs to be portable, not a computer program or something.

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I imagine a lot of watches can do this. The Timex Ironman around my wrist certainly does.
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What is that feature called? I can't find any descriptions on the features (I have looked at the Ironman and the women's versions and haven't seen any description of this feature)
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Ah, I see they have it described in the manuals for the Ironman watches, as "countdown and repeat", I guess I will have to read the manuals of the watches I am interested in and pick one with that, thanks for the help ssg
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My Nike Triax has an "interval" mode that does this, and you can have multiple times in there at once (so it will count down for :30, then :15, then :30 again and so on), maybe you can use that term to search.
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I have the ironman too, and it's called "interval timer" in the manual. I love it, love it. I just wish I could find a more dressy watch with this feature.
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On my ancient Ironman it's called the "countdown repeat" mode (a setting on the Timer function) as mentioned above.

On my Nike Lance 4 (or maybe 6), it's called a hydration timer, to remind you to drink some water every X minutes.

There are also other less expensive (and smaller) Nike watches with this feature.

If you look into other sports-oriented watches, you may find the feature billed this way too.
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For a dressier watch with this feature, have a look at citizen watches with "minute repeater" feature.
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Thanks all - I have a watch with a heart rate monitor, and I had hoped to find one which had the HRM and this "interval timer", now that I know what to look for maybe I can find one.
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I have an older Ironman that I bought on eBay - the kind that was called the "Triathalon" until they changed the name. It has a feature that lets you set several different intervals and have them go off sequentially, which is fantastic for marathon training. I run intervals of 10 minutes running/1 minute walking, and I can set it to beep at 10 minutes, then 1 minute, then 10 etc.

I think it's called the Timex FLIX.
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If you are looking specifically for a HRM that has this function, I know that my (very old) Polar HRM does this (in fact, it has the ability to countdown times in the form x,y,x,y,... if that sort of thing interests you). Polar might be a good place to start looking for this, though I imagine many HRMs have the same function.
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