Help me remember this strange short film.
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I saw a short film about 10 years ago where some tough guys steal wine from an old man and make another guy drink it. Has anybody else seen this weird film?

This has been nagging at me for the past few days. About 10 years ago I went to a film festival and before the featured movie they showed a short film. This is my memory of it but it is quite vague: A miserable-looking man is sitting in a bare apartment when a couple of tough guys bust in and one says "I know where we can get some wine". They take the miserable man with them and break into and old guy's apartment and find the bottle of wine he has stashed. Then they make the miserable-looking guy drink it. I think that was about all there was to the film. And I wondered, "In what place does this sort of thing happen?" For some reason I feel like the film was set in Vancouver, but maybe that was just an impression I got from it, even though I've never been to Vancouver.

I thought it was really weird, and I didn't think anything more of it, but now the vague memory of this film is really bugging me. It bugs me because I know someone somewhere knows all about this movie. IMDB may even know all about this movie, but I don't remember the title.
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Try the IMDB power search form. You can plug in just the genre and a couple of words from the plot summary, or just the year and the country of origin, or whatever combination of these things you remember.
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