Which game has a museum, an elevator, and Napoleon?
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A friend of mine is looking for the name of a computer game he played maybe 14 years ago. Any clue which game this is? It takes place in a museum, and at one point you have to give Napoleon a pastry.

So my friend Kit asked me this question: "I played a game on the class computer. The other games were Number Muchers and the sequel to The Oregon Trail: The Amazon Trail. However, the game I'm currently trying to remember was about a boy trapped in the History Museum. You get to move him across the screen (right and left) and use the elevator and whatnot, and eventually you can go to the top floor, which is the Automat. One of the doors is unlocked, and inside is a Napoleon pastry, which you can take with you, and you later give it to Napoleon to keep him from killing you(?)."

I thought it was Museum Madness, but he says "that isn't it. If you can believe it, the graphics are too good to be the game I'm referring to."

My Googling of various combinations of the lean clues he's given me have come up with naught. Anybody actually remember this one? Apparently the "giving a Napoleon pastry to Napolean" is a key point in his mind.
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Response by poster: Waiting on a response from him, re the OS. Will post as soon as he gets back to me. Thanks for thinkin'!
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I don't know the specific game, but I'm betting it was in the Super Solvers series. I've played Outnumbered, which had a very similar style to what you describe (move right and left across screen, use elevator, graphics worse than the game you link).
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Was it Mystery at the Museums?

I'm thrilled that anyone at all remembers the Super Solvers series. Challenge of the Ancient Empires devoured entire days as a child...
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Oh btw. I can definitely confirm that it's not Museum Madness. Museum Madness has a napoleon sequence but nothing to do with pastries. Proof.

I would have guessed super solvers series as well, but from a quick google it didn't seem like any of those were set in a museum.
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Was it the Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure game? I know Napoleon was in that and I remember having to collect objects to lure various characters into joining you on your travels through time.
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Definitely not a super solvers game.

It'd be better if it was though.
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Okay, this is really funny - I almost tacked this onto my last video game question. The 'give Napoleon to Napoleon' and the automat are the only things I remember, too. It's not Mystery at the Museums, and it's not Museum Madness.

I definitely played it before 1993 at the LATEST (I was 12 then, and I'm pretty sure it was before I switched schools) and I'd lean towards it being Apple II compatible, but no guarantees.
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I remember this game, too. I played it in the late 80's on an Apple II. I think it came on a compilation of games and such that my classroom got as a periodical subscription. It may have been put out by the same people who distributed Oregon Trail. Would Scholastic have done this?
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did you ever find the name of this game? I remeber it too. There was also like a T-Rex skeleton with a key inside.
And it asks questions like "who invented paper?" and "who invented the light bulb?" I have been trying to figure this game out for a few years myself... any help would be great
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I too remember this game and have been fruitlessly searching for it for years. In addition to the various things people have already mentioned, I also seem to remember there being something about a mummy.
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