Vista - Code 39 On Most Devices
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Windows Vista - nearly all devices report "Code 39", corrupt or missing drivers.

About a week or two after I installed Vista Ultimate on my laptop (Dell Inspiron XPS Gen 2), I booted one day to find my USB mouse not working, the LED wasn't even on. I then realized all USB devices were dead (external hard drives, camera, etc.) Using the touchpad, I tried to search for the problem online, only to find the network adapter was missing. Looking at the Device Manager, it showed three categories of devices all reporting Code 39 - corrupt or missing drivers. All network cards - wireless, modem, ethernet, all sound devices, and all USB devices. The USB devices are now only listed as 6 iterations of "Universal Serial Bus" followed by an identifier string. I'm not sure what the pattern of non-working devices is, but all that seems to be working is the keyboard, touchpad, DVD drive, and LCD. I uninstalled all of the faulty devices from Device Manager, then restarted, to no effect. It searched for the new drivers, but then reported "Failed" and back to square one. I disconnected all USB devices and rebooted, to no effect. I attemped installing different drivers over top of the Code 39 ones, to no effect.

So, I boot up Ubuntu from a LiveCD and all of the Code 39 devices work perfectly. So, it can't be that any of these devices are fried. After searching online, I've found squat - except a seemingly more common Vista problem where CD/DVD drives report Code 39 - except my DVD drive is fine.

The Vista install DVD doesn't seem to have an option for repair installation, so I'm preparing to format and reinstall unless someone can rescue me.
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Have a look at the solutions offered here, which users on that forum report have worked for them.
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