Braaaaaains and booooooze
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Suggestions for bars/restaurants in metro Boston that would be good for a book club meeting on "World War Z" by Max Brooks?

I run a book club, and we like to tie our meeting place thematically to whatever we're reading, when possible. This month we're reading World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War, and I'm having a hard time picking a good spot for meeting. Can any Bostonites recommend someplace that is either a)zombie related, or b)easily defensible in the case of zombie attack?

The only restrictions I have to work with are: it must be near public transportation of some kind, must serve booze in the afternoon (on a weekend), and if it also has food that'd be nice.
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Can any Bostonites recommend someplace that is...easily defensible in the case of zombie attack?

Well, Smith & Wollensky has taken over the old Boston armory. It's a block away from the Arlington T stop and serves plenty of good food and booze. If you want someplace to hole up and defend against zombies, this place is literally a castle. Beat that.
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If you go to pretty much any bar, or to a restaurant that serves exotic drinks (like most Chinese places, for some reason), you could order zombies. Of course, they're pretty strong drinks, so one apiece is probably enough.
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Sorry, there are no secure, remote locations within metropolitan Boston. Or were you thinking of a fairly low-level outbreak? I guess I tend to plan for class 5.
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Sonsie, on Newbury Street, has always seemed somewhat zombie-ish to me.
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I'm often a fan of The Other Side for group gatherings, since it's got a few big tables and booths. While not strictly zombie-themed, it has two floors, so you could barricade off the stairs in case of attack. It's right near the Hynes T stop, has a large, delicious beer selection (but no hard alcohol last time I checked), and also serves good food.

Be warned that it can get really loud on the weekends, but I think for a weekday afternoon/post-work gathering, it would be quiet enough for good conversation.

(I'm assuming you'll want to discuss the book a little, rather than jump right to barricading the stairs.)
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Forgive me, I can't think of the name right now, but there’s a place in Cambridge that used to be an old bank. There’s a booth in the basement that is in the old vault. Should the zombies attack while you’re there you could just seal it off and finish your dinner. Maybe somebody else can remember the name of it.

If you ate somewhere around MIT there’d probably be plenty of folks nearby with bigger brains than yours. Certainly the zombies would feast on those brains first, giving you time to escape.
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there’s a place in Cambridge that used to be an old bank.

Herrell's in Harvard Square is an ice cream place that used to be a bank. Sitting in the vault gives me a warm (if somewhat claustrophobic) feeling.
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