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I am looking for either high-resolution wireless IP cameras or Video Capture card recommendations and I have a few additional questions.

Currently I have a 1 Ghz AMD Athlon comp with 512 MB of RAM running XP pro. This computer currently has a video capture card with 4 BNC cameras attached to it. I am looking to add 4 more cameras and not sure which way to go so I would like some recommendations for either way or products.

Question 1: Can I have 2 video capture cards in one computer without killing it.

Question 2: Can anyone recommend high res wireless cameras?

Question 3: Can anyone recommend an affordable capture card and some high res analog cameras?

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It's always sad to see unanswered questions...

I have a high res wireless network camera that I have been very satisfied with thus far. It's the Axis 207MW. It wasn't cheap (I paid a little over $300), but it does wirelessly provide a nice color image. I use it to keep an eye on my birds while I'm at work.
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Re: Question 1, What video capture card do you use? I bought an IEI 4-input card for use with EyesWeb that can theoretically co-exist with several others. I'm not sure if this is a standard feature or not.
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Response by poster: So nobody here knows if I can run 2 video capture cards in one computer?
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