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High frequency of sex, can this cause any issues?

My steady girlfriend ($diety bless her) and I tend to have sex a lot. Way more than I ever did. To the tune of half a dozen times a day when we see each other (usually just weekends since she is still a traditional college student). Are there any ill side effects we should be aware of that might crop up? Any mechanical parts that will experience a lower MTBF?
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Friction burns? As long as you both are up for it, and you don't have any side effects, you should be fine.
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Make sure she pees afterward every time or at least tries to. Lotsa sex has yielded many a UTI for me and my girls.
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Heh. Well, cleanliness is important for both of you... unprotected, you'll have a higher frequency of urinary tract infections if you're prone to them. She'll need to watch for yeast infections as well. Showering (as a couple, of course) between sessions and then making sure you don't sleep in sweat-soaked sheets is generally a good idea when dealing with this high of a frequency.

Also, chafing and, uh, bruising of the bony areas of the pelvis might be an issue depending on what kind of docking maneuvers you use. Use artificial lube, even if you wouldn't otherwise need it... a higher end adult store might have some good recommendations on brand.
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I agree with concerns of UTI's and yeast infection; I've had that particular sex-related side effect and it sucks. Nthing careful cleaning (with a nice, ph balanced unscented soap ideally), peeing afterward, and using lots of lube. Also, stay hydrated.
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Chafing. It sounds funny, but those are some soft, sensitive tissues you're rubbing. Friction can do unpleasant things to your bits if you too energetic.
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re: lube, a lot of the more well known commercial lubricants (ky, astroglide, id lube) can throw off the ph levels in the vagina. Which is definitely not to say that you shouldn't use lube, but you might want to look into some of the "hippy" lubes on the market, O'My is a good option, it also looks like Liquid Silk might be a good one too.
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From my experience, you may lose some muscle mass.
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If I were your gal, I'd be prophylactically (heh.) drinking lots of cranberry and blueberry juice, because what you're describing sounds like a recipe for honeymoon cystitis. And when you're prone to cystitis, it's possible to get into these horrible cycles where you take antibiotics for the cystitis, which disposes you toward yeast infections. Then you treat the yeast infection, and your balance of nether flora gets out of whack, and you get vagnitis, which simmers down just in time for you to have another bout of cystitis, and later-rinse-repeat.

(And also, be aware that if she does get a yeast infection or a UTI, she can pass it to you, and then you can give it back. Which sucks for all concerned.)

But don't let all this scare you. Seriously. Just follow the advice of Ambrosia Voyeur et al, go forth, and be merry!
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Prolonged contact with spermicide can cause lesions, for her and you. They can be quite painful, I assure you.
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Stay hydrated. Both in the "drinking water or sports drinks" sense and in the lube and lotion sense.
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nthing watch out for UTIs. I've definitely wound up with chafing of the vag in the past. Lube helps.

And, uh, might want to watch out for pregnancy. I hear sex can cause it. You don't mention what sort of contraceptive methods you're using, but you'd better have good ones, or talk over what happens if they fail.
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Response by poster: Hmmm, I guess more information is needed.

She's on the ring.

She pees.

We don't use lube. (Ick.)

I like the idea of changing sheets more, but that's just me being a neat freak.
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No lube? Recipe for disaster, my friend.
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She's on the ring.

Nothing is foolproof. Have the talk.

We don't use lube. (Ick.)

You really don't notice it once you've got it going, so to speak.

ah, to be young again
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We don't use lube. (Ick.)

Ick? Have you been using lousy stuff? Too much of it?

Seconding Liquid Silk. It's very close to what she's producing herself. Just a dab will do wonders to prevent a lot of the potential problems people've mentioned.
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We don't use lube. (Ick.)

What's up with the "ick"?

To me, lube is the sex pig's best friend.

It doesn't have to turn her into a Slip-n-Slide, if that's your concern -- a dab in the right spot'll do ya. And as others have noted, finding the right brand is key.

You may not feel like you need it, but it can do a lot to enhance her pleasure and minimize unpleasant side-effects.
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You might want a nice hand cream for all the high-fives.
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>Liquid Silk

Thirded. Cheap and you only need a little. Just dabble it on. Handy for non-vaginal sex mostly, but can be used anywhere.
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Fourth the Liquid Silk! It just makes a good time even better!
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Fifth for the Liquid Silk!
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We don't use lube. (Ick.)

huh. any other girls out there sympathy cringing right now?

In all seriousness to the poster, why the ick? Lube was invented for a reason and it will greatly help cut down on any chafing problems that might occur. You asked about possible side effects and it seems like the #1 answer you've been given is pro lube. You might want to get over the ick and try it.

fwiw I've been a sex educator for 6+ years
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Sixth-ing the Liquid Silk, but I'll admit it's not cheap.
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any other girls out there sympathy cringing right now?

Eeesh, yes! I was all 'ick' about lube for a long time too, until I met my boyfriend. We had the sexy sex about as much you and it was wonderful and all, but it took way too long for me to admit to him (and myself) that by the forth time in a day, things were starting to get... a little...sore, down there. I thought something was wrong with me? Or he would think I wasn't really turned on? Lube made things soooo much better. So, yeah, even if you don't think it's needed, she might. And if you're all "Lube! Gross!" she might not feel comfortable letting you know, so be open about it, or even suggest it yourself.
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I don't think there's a need to pile-on for the "ick". He mentioned that he's a neat freak, so in theory the lube, or any slippery stuff is going to provoke that reaction. I've known other fellas that really get into lubes and oils and other fluids during, but have just got to clean themselves up afterwards.

After a decent interval, that is.
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In general I wouldn't pile onto the "Ick", but if this woman is anything like me, the ring may be interfering with her natural lubrication in a big way. Dryness seems to be a very common side effect. (nth Liquid Silk.) Girlfriend may not be aware of how big a help this can be.

I'm a neat freak too (insisted on condoms for a long time 'cause I didn't like the wet spot) but it's improved my life to use lube.
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when she starts walking like a cowboy, slow down

(this is a serious answer)
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And also, be aware that if she does get a yeast infection or a UTI, she can pass it to you, and then you can give it back. Which sucks for all concerned.

This is not true; UTIs and yeast infections are not contagious. To verify, put "urinary tract infection contagious" or "yeast infection contagious" into google.
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If you're having that much sex, you need to get over the lube="ick" thing. It's seriously your best (well, definitely her best) friend.

Personally I think the silicone based stuff is neat because it only takes a small amount to coat everything, and it doesn't dry out...but I've heard from some women that it feels weird (in ways ranging from nice to unpleasant), so I wouldn't say it's for everyone.
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Re: transmissibility of UTIs and yeast infections:

I'm going by what my doctor told me years ago, but believe me, I'd be thrilled to be wrong about this one. Though I notice that in the Google results, it seems like people are asking whether the infections can be passed to family members, housemates, etc., rather than people they're mashing their actual pathogen-laden cooters against.

In any case, IA-so-NAD, and can't speak authoritatively about this (or much of anything, when you really get down to it).
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Response by poster: Actually, she's the one who isn't so fond of lube. I don't have nearly as strong a preference on it as she does.

Thank you all for your answers.
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Just communicate, then fix any problems that come up.
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