Fill me up for a fiver, please.
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My wife (a spectacular cook) is out of town, I have $5.00 for lunch, and I'm not in the mood to make something for myself. Since this will probably be my only meal of the day, what's the most filling food I can buy for ~$5.00?

I'm open to fast food, slow food, food from the gas station; just as long as I don't have to cook or prepare it myself.
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there's this restaurant called Subway that you may want to investigate. My favorite is the cold cut on white, with everything, plus mayo and salt and pepper. You can also get a drink with it, I'd recommend Coke, it's really good if you've never had it.
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Can you get a jacket potato anywhere near by? With beans and cheese, or chicken or what have you they're really filling, with complex carbs for sustenance. And yummy!
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It'd be a challenge to get more calorie bang for your buck than 5 double cheeseburgers from the McDonald's dollar menu. (440 calories each!)
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Filling, as in it will stop you being hungry again for the longest, you want to choose something with protein, a little fat, and complex carbs. Avoid white bread or anything sugary like coke as you'll be hungry again in an hour.

A three egg omelette and homefries, with wholewheat toast and butter, is not a bad choice if you can find it under $5 at a diner.
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If you have any Chipotles near you, you can get a burrito with just rice and any one side for $1.16. If you got four of these I'm pretty confident you'll be stuffed. Then you can ask for a water cup for free. This is coming from a poor high schooler, so I've learned how to get lots of food cheaply.
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A box of cereal and a half gallon of milk.

A handful of frozen burritos.
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Little Caesar's large pepperoni "Hot 'n' Ready" which you must pick up yourself. Made to make profit at $5, but pretty tasty. Don't forget the Spice Pak and the packet of dried peppers.
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Instant white rice is about a dollar a box at the grocery store, and I almost guarantee that 2 boxes will be more than you can eat. Pay someone in your office the other three bucks to heat up hot water for you.
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A 5 Pounds for Three Dollars bag of baking potatoes and two containers of plain yogurt.
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20 packages of Raman.
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I like the pizza idea. I have a Little Ceasar's just down the road. Huzzah!
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Going with catdog and OmieWise: Burritos are the way to go.
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Do you realize how much rice and beans you can make for five bucks?

A lot.
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a bowl of pho.
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A box of instant oatmeal and a few select pieces of fruit for variety. Do you have a Trader Joe's near you? Their Flax Oat Meal is the best instant oatmeal I've come across, and it'll really stick to your ribs.
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Seriously, what do you people not get about the fact that this dude does not want to cook?

I think some people, bjork24, are a bit surprised that you aren't willing to do some cooking yourself, especially since it's so much cheaper than going out to eat.

That being said, I have a compromise: go to the nearest grocery store, and get yourself one of those meals in a box. Most of them are in the high $3 range or more, but there are some budget brands that run closer to $2 and change. Buy 2 of those, one for lunch, and one for dinner. This is assuming you have a microwave and fridge at work and a microwave at home. Even if you're a cooking phobic operating a microwave (especially if you follow exactly the instructions on the side of the box) should not be too difficult and should give you more food for the money, I think.

But echoing the sentiments of some of the other answer posters: maybe now would be a good time to think about learning how to cook. Obviously trying to do it today is a bad idea (you'll starve, or eat carbon), but maybe the next time the wife is cooking something, you can ask, "Hey honey, can I help/watch?"
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Seconding pho.

Shawarma also makes an excellent lunch and should come in around $5.00.
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Of course, it's entirely possible that you're an excellent cook who just doesn't feel like cooking on this particular day. (But then why bring up the wife?)
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Well, I ended up eating a couple beef tacos and bean burritos from Taco Bueno... plus cinammon chips, for $4.16 or something. Quite satisfying, but I'd be surprised if I'm not hungry in a couple hours.

I can cook for myself - simple things mostly - but I wasn't in the mood to do it today. I only brought up my wife b/c she loves to cook, so whenever she's around, I don't have to make such decisions.

Thanks for all the opinions, everyone. I'm sure I'll return to this post for filling food references in the future.
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Bean burritos at Taco Bell.

On preview, I must be prescient.
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Go to Buckingham's across from Bass Pro and get the Smokehouse potato. It's a giant baker with BBQ pork and Beef w/BBQ beans and Coleslaw all on it for about 5 bucks. Must weigh about 2 pounds. And you're shopping local!
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Nice, I hope when you ordered the tacos you told them the internet sent you.
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The Cheezie's on Kimbrough and Cherry is about 5 bucks for a large pizza.
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Thirding the Pho, though that's only good for about half a day.
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Thank you for making my late lunch/early dinner decision for me. Taco Bueno it is! ;)
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I know you already ate, but this is for posterity. Rotisserie chicken from the supermarket!
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a loaf of whole wheat bread and a jar of peanut butter. that's a lot of pretty filling sandwiches (9 or so), minimal preparation, and possibly a little money left over depending where you get it. adding sliced bananas to the sandwiches rather than jam or honey would probably be your cheapest and most filling sweetening option.

though i'm not sure that beats a million packets of ramen, if that's not too much preparation for you.
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If you can find a meat-and-potato pie anywhere, one of those should be pretty damn good. You might be able to find one at a diner or a food cart. I think some big food company also sells frozen, microwavable meat pies; they're nowhere near as good as fresh, but they're still very filling for the price.

(can you tell what I lived on during college?)
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Hitchhike to California and go to In-N-Out.
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Ah, gotta say, Hurf Durf, Butter Eater. Buy a pack of cigarettes. Or three cans of pseudostew. Whichever. Cigarettes worked for me as a student.
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(I'll also take every chance to say "Hurf Durf Butter Eater," so please ignore me if that wasn't your inclination already. Sorry.)
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(Nevertheless, cigarettes did help.)
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