Last Minute 80s Costume Ideas?
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LastMinuteCostumeFilter: Due to poor planning / organizational skillz, I find myself in need of (and sorely lacking) a pseudo-80's costume for an upcoming barbershop chorus performance on Saturday night. I'm too fat for all my old 80s clothes; hope me! PS - I have ready access to Goodwill and Salvation Army retail stores, so ideas around getting this done inexpensively would be fabulous. TIA!
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Go as Joel Goodsen (Tom Cruise's role) from Risky Business: all you'll need is a dress shirt, white socks and underwear and a pair of Raybans (or replicas thereof).
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For my last 80s party, I went to a local resale shop, got two pastel polo shirts, and wore both of them with the collars popped. Everybody got a laugh out of that.

Cheap, quick, and easy.
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seconding the Risky Business look. My husband did the same thing with about two hours' worth of prep and it was a huge hit.
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Just remember to peg your jeans.
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What you need is a vest, the more brightly colored and patterned the better. You'll pick one up for a couple of bucks at the thrifts store. As World Famous said, peg your jeans. Then mousse your hair and you're good to go. Wear a white t-shirt or button-down under the vest.
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I would go as Marty McFly. Classic, iconic, yet pretty simple. Bring along a skateboard and camcorder as props.

Or do what a friend of mine did and go as yourself in the '80's. My buddy basically got huge geeky glasses like those that he wore then, acid washed jeans and a shirt that read "I love Dungeons and Dragons."
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Pegged jeans - preferably white
Polo with popped collar or two different colored tee shirts with the sleeves of one rolled up over the other
Members only-type jacket or boxy, big-shouldered michael jackson style jacket or, possibly a blazer
Several thin belts doubled or tripled worn loose around your waist (not in the belt loops)
An armful of black plastic bracelets (you can probably get the rubber at the hardware store and glue into bands)
Fake (or real if you are so equipped) dangle earing in one ear

For inspiration, google john hughes movies or pictures of michael jackson or, i don't know, wham? from the 80's
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These are great; my nostalgia overfloweth. I was already going to peg the jeans but forgot the doubled up shirt trick. Excellent. Course, I'm going bald, so I'll need a wig... hmmm.
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Well, depending on how much hair you have left, you could get some hair spray and do the Big Hair thing.

Acid-washed jeans. Shoulder pads. Skinny ties, preferably knit or bolo.
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Bald? 80s? Go as Sinead O'Connor.
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Aerobics instructor!
Grab an oversized t-shirt in a hideously bright color, cut the collar out of it to make the neck wider so that it hangs over one shoulder. The collar can now be used as a matching headband! Under your bright shirt, wear a gaudy tank top of clashing color. Add a tight pair of leggings with slouchy socks over them or an awesome pair of tight biking shorts. Wristbands and small dumbells finish the ensemble.

Don't forget the white high-tops.
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Found a knit tie and a god-awful black and white check print blazer with massive shoulder pads. Add a $6.00 pair of Wayfarer clones and I was all set. Thanks, everyone! I love the Sinead O'Conner bit; I'll keep that in mind for Halloween. :) :)

Thanks, everyone!
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